Eldercare Resources
The Eldercare Resource Articles above are written to help you understand the need for and the process of planning for long term care.
There are four key steps to successful long term care planning.
1. Knowledge & Preparation
2. Proper Funding
3. Using Long Term Care Professionals
4.Creating a Personal Care Plan and Choosing a Care Coordinator
  Lifewatch USA Medical Alarm Systems Evan Sirlin Pres.

Lifewatch USA Medical Alarm Systems

What If you fall and can't get to a telephone?
What if you have a stroke or heart attack? Burglary? Fire?

Get Lifewatch protection for lowest price ever $12.95 per month.

With Lifewatch simply press lightweight waterproof button and speak handsfree to a live EMT certified monitoring specialist ready to get you help.

Lifewatch is a 30 year old second generation family owned provider of Medical Alarm systems.

We are a leading provider because of this personal family owned approach to helping senior citizens living alone. We treat our clients and their family members with dignity, respect and patience. 100%customer satisfaction guarantee. No questions asked return policy. no contracts.

We are also a innovative, creative and technologically advanced PERS provider.

  • First company with a speaker pendant.
  • First company with a Medilok medical alarm lock box for key.
  • First company with a PHR(Personal Health Record).
  • First company to work with VOIP telephones(Vonage, cable tv).
  • First company to have remote speakers for enhanced sound quality.
  • First company with 5 day battery back up.
  • First company with 1500 ft range.
  • First company with EMT certified monitoring center 24/7 First Cellular medical alarm w/GPS.
  • First Medical Alarm with CO2 and smoke detection.

PERSONAl CARING SERVICE Forever. The personal touch with high quality at
low prices makes us special. Never any hassles.

Free MEDILOK Medical alarm Lock box for anyone mentioning they saw us on this website.($40value)or Free Lifewatch Medflash PHR (portable personal health record-$40value)with any rental.

Institutional, group and individual porgrams available.

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Lifewatch USA
Evan Sirlin Pres.
Lifewatch USA Medical Alarm Systems

Offices in NY, CT, NJ & FL

Phone #: (516) 375-45433
Toll Free #: (800) 716-1433

Email: evan@lifewatch.net
Web: www.lifewatch-usa.com

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 about evan sirlin

I am the president of Lifewatch INC (Lifewatch USA). My father started Lifewatch in 1980 and today we have grown nationwide with over 50,000 satisfied customers. We always have the lowest prices because of this family owned less corporate structure approach.Less Middlle men with us. we pass the savings on to the client especially during tough economic times. I love to create and innovate new ideas products and services, in the medical alarm and medical alert industry. Always thinking ahead to bring our clients the latest greatest technology to improve their quality of life. We provide confidence for one to live at home alone where they really want to be. Peace of mind and Independence too. Senior Home Safety is our business.

 about the NyCPC

The New York Care Planning Council is dedicated to helping families recognize the need for long term care planning and to helping implement that planning.

Integrity, honesty, and a genuine concern for those who are in need of (or may need) long term care are at the heart of our services.